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Social and Biological Research
    The ProSur Foundation is fully committed to support advanced research in the social and the biological sciences asChoza Boruca means to increase knowledge about the region's social condition and nature.   This region of Costa Rica is one of the least studied yet, it has one of the most diverse populations of the country, and most of the best preserved rain forests. 

Anthropological Research.  Southwestern Costa Rica is home to two important indigenous peoples, the Boruca and the Gnobe.  The Borucas have lived in the same community before the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadores in 1519.  The Gnobes are devided into two different linguistic groups and live accross the Costa Rica-Panama border.  They live in more than 8 different reservations and communities and continue to hold to their language and most of Bosque Golfitotheir traditions.   In addition, this region have experienced in influx of inmigrants from Colombia, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, the Guanacaste Region and lately from the Central Valley, during the last 400 years.  The ethnic and cultural background of most of the inhabitants is as diverse as the number of communities, however very little has been studied, about the many different traditions different communities have.   Current research in the social sciences focus on the Cultural Mapping of the Borucas, a diagnostic of the performing arts in the Zona Sur, and a survey about science education in secondary schools of the region..

In addition, a Survey of the Arts in the Zona Sur is currently conducted with the support of the ProArtes Program of the Teatro Melico Salazar, Ministerio de Cultura.

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Biological Research.   There are thousands of research opportunities in Southwestern Costa Rica.   From the Pacific Ocean, to the Golfo Dulce, to the rain forest, our faculty requires your support to continue their advanced research.  You can support research in the areas of mammalogy, and marine biology.  For instance, some of the current research is conducted with two species, Artiveus watsoni, and Thyroptera tricolor by Dr. Chaverri. For more details link to her webpage at: Dr. Chaverri Lab

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